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Community News: Tri-Valley high schoolers spend winter break crocheting

A little determination goes a long way. Just ask members of the Tri-Valley National Honor Society, who spent many hours learning and teaching the art of crochet. After just a few short weeks, NHS advisors, NHS members, students, faculty, family, and friends produced over 100 crocheted squares that will be on their way to Project Chemo Crochet this week.

Advisors Amanda Killian-Shiffer and Amanda White started the school year with a desire to have their honor society members get more involved in their community service. “Our approach this year was to move our students away from passively collecting and donating to being more active in their community service. We want them to understand what it is like to donate their heart and their time to a good cause,” explained Amanda Killian-Shiffer. 

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Guest Writer: Mia Rowan

Written by Nik

One thing that I always will be is a teacher at heart; certified secondary math yes, but also of life’s most important lessons. While I love the new role I have taken on in my life, I do miss being with the kids that I have grown to love. Yet, in my new role, I am able to teach my “kids” more than just math.

Below you will read a blog post written by Mia Rowan. She is currently senior at Hatboro-Horsham High School preparing for graduation. She is an extremely talented young woman with a bright future not only because of her incredible talents but also her heart. She is passionate and motivated, always giving her all no matter what the task. There truly are no words to describe all of the amazing characteristics that embody Mia Rowan. So without further ado, please take a moment to read the reflections of Mia regarding the impact Project Chemo Crochet has had on her life.

Good luck with your presentation tomorrow Mia!!! Speak from the heart. J

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The Heart of the Matter

Written by Nik

This past Friday, I was fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to speak to/with a group of 50-60 high school students about Project Chemo Crochet as well as lead a lunch crochet lesson. These students are part of the school’s leadership group and have speakers regularly. When Tracy, a fellow All Star teacher, had asked me to be one of their guests, I was sincerely honored. She informed me that I would be speaking for about 45 minutes and then hold a crochet lesson during lunch with about 30-40 students. As I lay in bed the night before doubt, anxiety, and nerves possessed my mind and body.  I thought, “My story is not interesting or powerful enough to share with these kids. I could only imagine the amazing speakers that they have heard. The powerful messages that they learned. I was just a teacher who now crochets, and not that well ;).”

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Here Comes the Rain Again

Written by Nik

So it happened again. I really thought that this change in my life, which takes the focus off dates on the calendar, would have allowed me to never acknowledge what was creeping upon me.

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What's New!

Written by Nik

To all of our loyal followers:

As you all know, Project Chemo Crochet has expanded with two locations for shipping, one on each coast. Please notice the NEW address at the top of the site. 

I have also had requests for pamphlets that would make things a bit easier to highlight what you are all doing for Project Chemo Crochet. We now have a downloadable brochure that you can print at home or email to your contacts. It highlights things such as "How to Get Involved" and "Request a Blanket" as well as other important information.

Lastly, we now have a Project Chemo Crochet store available through Zazzle. You can customize the color, style, and size of your shirts and even purchase 2 day shipping! Love, love, love the quality and look! Please be aware that we are making a minimalroyalty on these purchases. Therefore, if you would like to make a more substantial donation towards the cost of shipping blankets, you can do so via PayPal following the link "Make a Donation". We also accept checks and money orders payable to Pink Warriors Inc. All donations are tax deductible and be sure to check with your company to see if they have a matching gift program.

Thank you for your continued support! We have almost reached the goal of all 50 states, currently waiting for RI WY MS SD and AK, then we work on the rest of the globe. :)

Have a great night!