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Stand Up To Cancer

Written by Nik

Two years ago, right around this same time of year, I put my 4 year old daughter to bed and headed into my bedroom. My husband was looking through the channel guide on the TV and saw a program called “Stand Up 2 Cancer”. As we were looking at the guide we noticed that this program was actually on multiple channels. It was almost as if we had no choice in the matter, we had to put it on.

Now let me rewind a bit. Two years ago, my mom was also living with us and also in her room watching TV. My mom, who turned 60 just a few weeks prior, was battling stage 4 cancer. My mom was never one who liked to talk about her cancer, even to me. It always seemed like it was the elephant. It wasn't until the rides to and from doctors’ appointments that we spoke the “cancer” words to one another or until those final weeks when we knew the fight was coming to an end. Now here we are, both watching TV in our bedrooms and BOTH tuned in to the Stand Up 2 Cancer telecast. 

I remember vividly the moment we realized we were watching the same program. It was after a few minutes of me sitting on my bed; wide eyed, tears streaming down my face, holding back any noises so that my husband who was sitting next to me didn't see my reactions, my daughter who I just put to bed didn't hear me, and more importantly for my mom to not hear how rocked cancer actually made me. But my mom must have heard her TV echoing because she called out from down the hall, “Are you watching the cancer thing?” Choking back any hesitation in my voice, I said yes. Within the blink of an eye, my mom appeared in my bedroom doorway. For the first few moments, she just stood next to my bed where I was sitting, with the same wide eye look as me.  Knowing that we both wanted to go through the pain of watching this together, I told her to sit down.

The three of us, my mom, husband, and I, sat in silence for what seemed like the entire night, captivated in each story that was narrated and every song that was sung. We didn't discuss anything in words, but the looks that we would often get caught giving one another said everything.  Just retelling this story gives me the pit in my stomach and the lump in my throat that I felt that night.

Now fast forward to the present. The Stand Up To Cancer telecast is on tomorrow night at 8 pm once again. It will be aired on all major television stations and many other cable channels. Even though the telecast was on last year, it did not impact me the same way it had 2 years ago. I have a feeling that this year will be different from last.

Stand Up To Cancer has been such a support to us [me] the past few months. After meeting Lisa, Jules, Eric, and many up SU2C reps at the All Star Teacher experience, I know that they TRULY are standing up to cancer. Everyone who is involved in this great organization has been affected in one way or another by cancer. They have a passion, similar to mine, to make a difference.  I have heard it in their voices and have seen it in their actions firsthand. I know that all involved will stop at nothing to find the funds to that will lead to a cure. I cannot thank the organization enough for the exposure they have given to Project Chemo Crochet; from the blog post with our SU2C blanket to the feature on the AOL homepage today. You can bet that I will be pledging tomorrow!

I STAND UP FOR MY MOM. Who do you stand up for?





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