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Celebrating 1 Year!

Written by Nik

Amazing what a phone conversation can do. One year ago I was barely making it out of bed every morning, struggling to find my way in the world after feeling like half of me was gone. I felt as though my purpose was gone, my identity lost. I needed to find my mom. I needed her back in my life. And I believed that if I waited for her by staying in the house and by my phone, she would come back. I just knew she would! But we all know death is final and there is no coming back. Try to tell that to a grieving child…they won’t believe you.

In the end, I did find my mom. I found her again through Project Chemo Crochet. She got me out of bed and showed me that I can do this [life] without her and that she is by my side through it all. Through Project Chemo Crochet, I can still continue the fight against cancer in my mom’s name, just as I did when my mom was fighting with me by her side. There have been so many things that have happened through this endeavor that assure me that she is here. I miss her presence, her voice, everything about her. It is sad that it took my mom leaving this earth for me to do this great work. But sometimes thats how life works, when one door closes, a window opens. I know my mom opened this window for me. Project Chemo Crochet stitched us back together. Thank you mom for everything you have done and continue to do for me. I will love you always.

On this first anniversary I would like to thank Susan Milnazik who has stuck with me through all of the worst times and some of the best this year. It was Susan who graciously volunteered to take a crochet class with me (that we never took) even though she was already a master crocheter. It was one comment, “How about blankets?” that kickstarted all of this. Second thanks is to my amazingly patient, supportive, and talented husband, Ed. He challenges me when I do not want to be challenged, supports me at times when I probably shouldn’t be supported, and loves me for all of my craziness. He is the one that took Project Chemo Crochet to the world wide web and in my opinion is why this is truly a success. Thanks to my cousin Steven; the HH crew of secretaries (Terry, Izle, Colleen, Cheryl, Cathy), teachers, coworkers, and students who were the first to sign on to this project and allowed me to see that this can actually work; the CT crew of Karen, Nancy, Barbara, Denise, and everyone else they have recruited to be a part of this, you ladies amaze me with your dedication and support; to my constant blanket stitchers Barbara, Linda, Carole who assemble blankets quicker than the blink of an eye; all of my family and friends not mentioned by name; and lastly all of you who have donated over 10,000 squares in less than one year, and to our blanket recipients for sharing your stories with us and keeping us inspired to do what we do for you!

Within one year we have received squares from 28 states and Canada and spread our support to those battling in over 30 states. In this second year, let's get the other 22 states and our friends from across the pond involved.  Together we can stitch this nation, this world, together in the fight against cancer. We can spread our love and support to all those battling this awful disease. Through positivity and love maybe, just maybe, we can help someone beat this disease.

Thank you everyone for your continued support, Let’s keep those squares a com in’!  Cancer’s a bitch, that’s why we stitch.

"No work is insignificant. All labor that uplifts humanity has dignity and importance and should be undertaken with painstaking excellence." - Martin Luther King Jr.

Love to all!

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