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Words from Marianne Dow reflecting on the 3Day event

Written by Nik

Marianne DowToday my daughter, Nicole Dow-Macosky, is completing 40 miles of her 60 mile walk in the Susan G. Komen walk, for a cure for breast cancer. My daughter has over the course of years, completed a few marathons, field challenges, bucket list items(like sky diving and zip lining) and most recently cross-fit training. All of these have been met with exuberance on her part and pride on mine.

But none of these have made me as proud as the challenge she faced yesterday, today and tomorrow. Nicole has raise over $6,000 dollars which took away much of her free time over the past 9 months. It wasn't until I was diagnosed with breast cancer that it hit our family with the reality and daily struggles of caring for one with breast cancer. But what some people don't know is that I and many of others fall under the category of "mets". We have an illness and we are going to die. As I tell others, "I have an expiration date."I won't be cured. I enjoy everyday I have. I still think about the future but in 3 month increments because that's when our scans occur and tell us new places it has spread to and how our treatment will change or if it can.

My daughter is walking this weekend for me so that I may live another 3 months but she is mostly walking walking for the other mothers and sisters and aunts and friends who have no one to walk for them. Ladies I present to you Nicole Dow-Macosky our Warrior in Pink.


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